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A small sample of fake emails JCA Online has been sent in the past.
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Fake Emails




There are a few easy tips to avoid falling for these emails.

The easiest - If you get an email supposing to be from Lloyds and you don't bank with them, its fake. Use this with all companies.

The next good trick is to Hover over the links in your emails, look on the bottom left, it will show you where it's really going to take you.   Try this with the links to the left.

Then there are the emails stating something like, Dear customer, you haven't paid the invoice, see the details in the attached file - hopefully your antivirus has already got rid of the virus in that attached file.

There are the emails which come from your friends, who you know, which state, we're in the middle of nowwhere, please send money - Phone your friends, when you know there still safe, sitting at home, tell them to change their email password, it's been hacked.

The writing in some of these emails, if read carefully, doesn't quite make sense.

Basically, if it looks wrong, it usually is.
Fake Emails. Some of these emails will try and panic you into login in. Giving away bank details or usernames and passwords.
Others just give away viruses.

Try hovering over the Action Fraud link below (This site is real).
Action Fraud 0300 123 2040

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