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Have you been called by Microsoft Technical Support or a company stating they are working for Microsoft.
THEY AREN'T    IT'S A SCAM!   HANG UP NOW.   There are others scams claiming their from BT, Sky & many more.

Do they know you have problems with your machine?
No, they're guessing! Most people have.         They do have a long list of Names and Numbers.

Will they put it all right over the phone for free?
No! They just want your money!

They said they can show you where the problems are if you let them take over the machine.
Hang up the phone, it's all a scam!    If there already in control, Switch off the router!

I've had customers who have been frightened and conned into letting them in.
They tell you to input commands, which will take you a very long winded way around to the event viewer, they will show you pages with lots of errors on it and tell you it's all very nasty.
I've never seen a computer that doesn't have errors and warnings in the Event Log, that's just how Windows works.
They say they can put it all right, and if you pay them money you will have a lifetime of support.
No, you won't get support, but they will have your money. Plus access to your machine.
They try and charge between £70 to £400+.
When you say No, I'm not paying, I've known them to switch on password protection and lock you out.

If you have been conned, Switch off the router.

If they have tried to access your money, phone up your bank.
If you still have your original Antivirus, start a full scan.

If you need assistance, give us a ring.  01728 726509
Action Fraud 0300 123 2040

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